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A while ago we designed a folder for a company that produces printed promotional materials. Since print with all its niceties is their daily business they wanted to use special effects on the design to show off their possibilities. Before they approached us they used very flashy designs that in our opinion distracted from the beauty of their printing techniques. We chose something much simpler: a geometric ornament, which uses varnish and silver foil from underneath as parts of the ornament. The whole thing is actually printed in three colors, white, black and the company’s orange, offset by the silver of the material.

What we’re showing you is not the finished product that we haven’t seen yet, just printed sheets of paper which we find quite lovely by themselves and decided to share.

redesign-ornamental-02 redesign-ornamental-03 redesign-ornamental-04 redesign-ornamental-05 redesign-ornamental-06 redesign-ornamental-07

dog_days_lego_introToday’s post is brought to you by Lego. Or actually it’s brought to you by us and our love of Lego, much as we wouldn’t mind some official endorsement. We are in the process of recreating the Dog Days poster in Lego blocks because can there be a better combination than dogs, Lego and pixels? Maybe, but we can’t think of one at all.

Also, we really needed a break from all the serious work we’ve been doing and so please enjoy Lego Dog Days (part 1).




We’ve been insanely busy for the last week so today we’re only showing you a sneak peek of three illustrations that happened as a last-minute request. These are fragments of stories we made up for three well-known and well-loved figures. We’ll show you the whole pieces in near(ish) future.

re-dayinlife-2 re-dayinlife-3


This is a sneak peek at a cover illustration we are currently working on. It’s in very initial stages and might be dropped completely but as we spent quite a part of Saturday on it, we thought we’d at least share the result with you.

The illustration follows the client’s general idea to show a tree with flags among the leaves, the rest is our attempt to make it fun.flagtree-flat

flagtree-book  flagtree-zoom


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