Monthly Archives: December 2010

All Hevelius calendars

December is just about the best month to show calendars so while it still lasts, here’s a beginning of a longer presentation. This is a biggish project we did at work: a set of calendars to celebrate 2011 as the year of Johannes Hevelius.

The calendars use contemporary etchings of constellations (contemporary for Hevelius, that is) and lots of Museo Slab.

These are plates from wall calendar which did not go to print because of budget cuts and which we truly regret.

And this is a three-month wall calendar, two views and a close-up. Next time we’ll show the rest of the calendars so hang on.


To start with a bang, or at least with a green rectangle, let us introduce this blog by wishing everybody who somehow wandered here wonderful, peaceful Christmas – or whatever holidays you celebrate this season. The last period has been icon-full and if everything goes fine, more icons await in the future. The kind of people we are, we actually find it exciting.

So, have yourself iconic little Christmas and enjoy this card. And the blog? It’s to share our work in progress, things which might not make it to portfolio (or will take ages to be properly photographed and edited), things which thrill us or those for killing some time. More about it in the future.

And sorry for everything that doesn’t look quite right yet, we’re still figuring this blog service thing out.