le:design – Part Une

Today we want to show you a few things from our holiday trip to Paris. Feel warned: there’s not gonna be the Eiffel Tower (mostly because we didn’t climb it but also because this is going to be about design; and because we’re not really much of photo shooters when there are no letters involved).

We start today with a bunch of children’s books and will show the rest tomorrow. Please forgive the quality of photos but we’ll never post anything if we insist on showing only greatly shot and retouched photos.
When at Centre Pompidou we indulged ourselves to a stack of books – children books. This one, by Wouter Van Reek, was on the occasion of Mondrian’s exhibition in the said Centre (a very fine exhibition) and we bought it for a friend who’s into illustration. The idea, the humor and the execution are beyond excellent, with Mondrian’s not-so-accessible works transformed into a children’s story, and yet in a brilliant and surreal way full of Mondrianian philosophy. There should be a series on different painters.

And these are 3D books we bought for ourselves as they truly wowed us. The letter book is by Marion Bataille and the Calder-Mondrian-SesameStreet ones are by David E. Carter (nope, not French) and combine the impressiveness of neatly folded paper with fun of, say, searching for blue twos or 600 black spots. And with some cool design, too. We draw perverse pleasure from the fact that they are wonderfully abstract and don’t involve any cuddly animals.

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