le:design – Part Deux

And today the slightly more varied selection of our Parisian finds.

People mourn the death of creative movie posters but French Canal+ actually does something about resuscitating that corpse (hey, we like posters. It’s not our fault billboards sneaked behind them and strangled them). Here’s we think the whole series of what was currently on when we visited: “Alice,” “Avatar,” and something called “Oceans.” Clean, smart, funny – and took a lot of going on and off the metro to shoot. Good thing those trains run so often.

Pictograms of the past from our Louvre trip…

…and those of today. Sadly, it’s a decline but the pictograms have a slightly surreal charm and we can only condone encouraging people to, well, love their quartier.

And finally a bunch of typographic photos. Apparently the French are not just into long scarves and overpriced smelly food but also into letters. Concorde metro station, typographic posters from metro tunnels (we did spend a lot of time around the metro, yes) and a close-up from a peace dedicated monument located – where else – by a military school.

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