Monthly Archives: October 2011

Recently we’ve designed some posters promoting a concert of contemporary religious music. The concert took place in an old church partially destroyed by fire.

The main piece is The Canticle of the Sun of St Francis of Assisi, also known as Laudes Creaturarum. Some previous performances of the concert can be see here and here. Below our posters.


Every time we enter a book megastore looking for a gift, or just checking out new publications we have to avert our eyes from the pile of ugliness that attacks from every shelf. Of course, there are examples of good design but the amount of bad ones is terrifying. It’s often bland bad but sometimes it reaches the level of epically, hilariously bad – and this is our newest preoccupation: we’ve decided to publish a series of posts on the ugliest finds in the local bookstore.

Today one of the genres that invite the most kitsch, namely fantasy books. This is not a highbrow critique entitled “We wouldn’t touch a fantasy book with a pole and also they’re ugly.” This is more of “When we read fantasy in public places we hate that we have to hide the cover.” We’ve discovered that bad fantasy art falls into a couple of categories and follows a couple of graphic clichés. (When possible we show English language versions of the books for clarity.)

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This will hardly count as news because we’ve only discovered the first season of this great entertaining show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist while the second is already on but entertaining it is. Episode three involved a design task which we consider worth mentioning, especially because of its overall uplifting conclusion.
If you don’t know, Work of Art is a reality show about artists trying to make it through a series of timed tasks – sort of like the shows about fashion designers and cooks, only fun. And for one of the tasks the sculptors, painters, performers and a waitress were supposed to design a book cover for a Penguin classic. (Note: sorry for bad quality screenshots.)

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As the title implies, we’re restarting our blog and this time it’s going to be for good.
The last time’s false start can only be blamed on our displeasure with Blogspot’s clunky interface and aesthetics. Well, not only but mostly. When we switched to WordPress it took us forever to find this nice minimalistic theme and tinker it to our liking – mostly for the lack of trying and a load of other duties but finally it’s done. From now on we’ll be publishing at least once a week with samples from our portfolio-to-be and other stuff. See you soon.
PS. The previous entries are imported so you may peruse them in the meantime.