Monthly Archives: November 2011

Today an oversized folder for a media house Starcom. The cover features a star-shaped die-cut taken from the company’s logo. Since the whole thing can be folded in random order, the resulting star can be blue, yellow or red on white: the neverending fun with basic colors.

Materialization of typography – in other words, making letters tangible by drawing, cutting and generally transferring them from the computer screen to the non-binary world – is the subject of my doctoral thesis so as the work will hopefully progress we’ll be showing you some results.

Today just a small experiment: the title of Dylan’s song has been illustrated by extremely time-consuming scissors work on one A4 sheet of paper while watching Freaks and Geeks. Talk about wasting time.

After covering ugly fantasy covers and having more in mind for the series, we feel a little guilty in advance, should anybody think Polish book covers are all crap. This is most untrue and as an antidote today a series by Kuba Sowiński, a very interesting and talented designer (no, we don’t know him personally, just stalk from afar).

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