Judge by the Covers

After covering ugly fantasy covers and having more in mind for the series, we feel a little guilty in advance, should anybody think Polish book covers are all crap. This is most untrue and as an antidote today a series by Kuba Sowiński, a very interesting and talented designer (no, we don’t know him personally, just stalk from afar).

Among other covers he is working on a series of fifty classic books for a large publishing house Znak, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company. They’re not even halfway through but what appeared so far took our breath away the moment we saw it in a bookstore. The designs combine simplicity and elegance, typographic illustrations and consequent execution. Archer and Eidetic (inside) typefaces are used and everything is beautifully bound and even completed with elegant ribbons. But the true coup de grace lies in the very concept, with every cover carrying a poignant, clever idea relevant to the story: something we consider a key to masterful book covers. So while we may disagree with a minor decision here or there, this does in no way stop us from recognizing a masterpiece when we see it. Btw, all the books come from our personal bookshelf.

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  1. Beautiful post!… I enjoyed It a lot!
    I’m a Book designer and

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