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Another calendar we designed for 2012 was also a result of cooperation with our friends from Sloma&Trymbulak and this one is for Gdynia’s department of disability services. It features members of Dom Marzeń, an association for children with disabilities and their parents, engaging in everyday activities, such as sports and hobbies, with professionals and friends. Photos by Mirek Trymbulak.

The calendar is 48×48 cm, printed on recycled, uncoated paper. In between seasons on pages of white tracing paper are monthly calendars printed in Braille. The cover is scented with pine aroma.


January image under a tracing paper page and without it.

Selection of pages.

Close-up of a page with Braille text.


Today a poster designed for a local theatrical adaptation of The Changeling (or, in Polish, Zwodnica).

The play was directed and performed by the youngest generation of artists, some of them still students at the time. The poster focuses on the image of the protagonist – a woman whom men surrounding her force into specific roles: a saint, a whore, a child.

Today we continue with our self-appointed and majorly depressing job of ugly book cover muckcrackers. After two parts on fantasy we decided to plunge into the world of glitter, fluff and rainbows and find the ugliest children’s book covers on the shelves of the local book megastore. We did start with pounding hearts because in our minds we already saw disgustingly amateurish illustrations and scary typography but, to our surprise, the bad covers did not dominate the section of the store: instead we had to search a little. Of course, when we did we found exactly what we were looking for and more but, optimistically, a large portion of children’s book is not as ugly as what we present under the link.

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Instead of summing up the old year we’d rather plunge right into the new one. This year we had a pleasure of doing several calendars and the first to present fits well with the carnival spirit. This is a promo wall calendar for a basketball team, Lotos Gdynia. Each page presents one player stylized-until-hardly-recognizable to 20s flapper look, which is the time when the city of Gdynia was built. Our friends at Słoma&Trymbulak are responsible for photos and the idea while we did design and extensive photo editing.

We are pleased with how it turned out, particularly because there is no sports feel, something we’re generally not excited about. Also, it’s hard to tell when you only see the end product, but it really impressed us how the girls of the team were transformed by make-up and clothes (and a little bit of editing) into fashion models. To convey the feeling of an era we used Neutra.

Cover presents portraits of all the girls and the manager. The calendar is 48×60cm.

With apologies for a short delay, quite predictably caused by New Year festivities, we found a project to show you which carries a little bit of the carnival spirit. This is a project of wine labels that the city of Gdańsk used for promotion in the Year of Johannes Hevelius (and that was last year, if you don’t know). The design was connected with our Hevelius’ calendars that we presented earlier. While the front label is self-explanatory, the back includes an illustration of Gdańsk’s most famous monument, the Neptune.