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Last time we confessed our love for TV shows and today, celebrating the return of one of our favorites for season two (we won’t say the name not to spoil the riddle but you know which one we mean, of course), a post combining our two loves: shows and icons.

Below a set of 15 shows each presented through three icons for your guessing pleasure. We realize that most of these are ridiculously easy if you’re a TV-maniac (and possibly very difficult if you’re not, who knows) but boy, were they fun to work on. (And yes, we’ve seen all these shows, at least a couple of episodes but often quite a lot of them.)

Under each poster there is an answer in white: you have to highlight it to read.

New! Now we’re selling the posters here.


Mad Men

Game of Thrones (yes, it’s back tomorrow)

Sex and the City

House MD


Parks and Recreation


True Blood

Once Upon a Time


Veronica Mars

Greek (though I get why many people think it’s Big Bang Theory)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Edit. We’re very happy and honored to have been Freshly Pressed. Sorry we can’t answer to all the comments but we appreciate all of them and all the likes: it’s very motivating.

New developments: Iconic Painters, part one, two and three.


Recently Twisted Sisters nominated us for Kreativ Blogger Award, for which we are extremely grateful – thank you! Apparently, this comes with a set of requirements and today we’re honoring them.

First of all, we are required to give you seven fascinating facts about us so here we go:

And the second requirement is to nominate seven other bloggers and let them know, so below you will find links to seven design-related blogs we’ve found. Being relatively new to WordPress and blogging community we had to search a little, but hopefully the results will interest you.

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Thanks again for the nomination and for reading.

P.S. And info for the nominees: to claim the award you have to (via Twisted Sisters):

  1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
  2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers might find interesting.
  3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know.

We saw Steve McQueen’s movie Shame because of the poster above, on the left. We found it intriguing and remarkably quiet: the kind of poster which suggests things rather than yells at you. It has gloomy yet tasteful colors and impressive typography without unnecessary frills: just white Futura, smaller than it might be and more arresting for that. We weren’t alone in our appreciation because the poster has been cropping up on lists of best movie posters for 2011.

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Of the not-so-vast-but-vast-enough collection of student work we did during our studies, some works don’t come back in our dreams to haunt us with their awkwardness. These we consider a success. Among them is today’s post, a small book containing short articles by three popular columnists.

To be perfectly honest, this thing is quite pointless but doesn’t this quite define most work in the arts’ academy. We certainly do not admire the authors included in this little book, but this was a place for trying out a couple of typographic ideas.

There are three authors and three short texts by each. Each author is introduced with a big initial of his name, cut into three parts. Each got his own display typeface, which connects to his personality: one being playful, one rough and heavy and one almost too posh to bear. Everything is held together by a single layout and a common body text typeface.

This is a T for Stanislaw Tym, set in three different versions of Archer and one of his texts, followed by initials and texts of the other authors.