Three Times Three

Of the not-so-vast-but-vast-enough collection of student work we did during our studies, some works don’t come back in our dreams to haunt us with their awkwardness. These we consider a success. Among them is today’s post, a small book containing short articles by three popular columnists.

To be perfectly honest, this thing is quite pointless but doesn’t this quite define most work in the arts’ academy. We certainly do not admire the authors included in this little book, but this was a place for trying out a couple of typographic ideas.

There are three authors and three short texts by each. Each author is introduced with a big initial of his name, cut into three parts. Each got his own display typeface, which connects to his personality: one being playful, one rough and heavy and one almost too posh to bear. Everything is held together by a single layout and a common body text typeface.

This is a T for Stanislaw Tym, set in three different versions of Archer and one of his texts, followed by initials and texts of the other authors.

    • Thank you very much for the nomination, we’re honored and flattered. It’s a crazy busy week but we’ll get into the requirements asap. Best wishes!

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