The Incredible Icons

The launch of Avengers has us excited: we haven’t seen it yet and trailers left us with misgivings but Joss Whedon combined with superheroes is something to look forward to.

Now, since the previous sentence has stripped us of all appearances of non-geekiness – should you still imagine them – we may carelessly present our newest icon set: superheroes styled like the evergreen AIGA classic icons.

This may sound repetitive but it was so much fun to work on.

Just a matter of explanation (probably an extremely irrelevant one but, just for the fellow geeks out there): we had to make somewhat arbitrary decisions about the names, especially in the DC universe where one superhero tends to have many names. When in doubt we trusted this site. And yes, we just said DC universe.

So, without further babble, we present modernist superhero icons.

You might wonder why there are no X-Men (or you might not, but I sure would). Here’s why: since X-Men are the coolest superheroes ever, we’ve devoted a whole separate post to them. Stay tuned.

  1. Love your drawings. I have never read any of the comic books but love superhero films and TV programmes. Keep at the good work – have just tweeted your page : )

  2. meredith said:

    You made my grandson’s day. The simplicity is perfect, the airplanes and helicopters excite him…. and he found three superheroes. Pretty good for toddler.


  3. Nice:) It looks like there is a special toilet for every superhero:) Now you should go with the bad guys – sign for Jocker, Penguin, Lex Luthor…

    • Thanks. This is actually the third one planned (after X-Men and not quite done yet).

      • I’ve found one mistake in your post. You’ve written that X-Men are the coolest superheroes. You must have some problems with keyboard, because it changed “Batman” in this funny way…

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one:)

  4. Rachael said:

    Brilliant! Can’t wait for the X-Men post now 🙂

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