Almost Street Art

Recycling is not only valid when it comes to paper and old cans – it’s an invaluable concept in design. A year ago or so we started a poster for a street theater festival but never finished it. And last month we found a perfect place to reuse it (with all the proper changes, of course) when the International Street Artists’ Festival „Ulicznicy” (which translates sort of like Street Urchins, I guess, but sounds better) decided to announce a competition for this year’s poster.

Now, we have all sorts of qualms about design competitions but it would be a waste not to use an almost ready design so we did. And then when you win it’s not very becoming to go on about those qualms and yes, we did win with the poster below.

We like collages but for such a versatile tool there are surprisingly few occasions to use them so we’re glad we could this time. The poster is based on an actual photography of the feathered guy on a red thread edited later and completed with vector elements, like the buildings-letters and typography. Broadening our comfort zone a little, we went for a retro-hippy-extravagant look and hey, it worked.

Ulicznicy poster by re:designThe poster in it’s entirety.

Typographic close-up.

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  1. daniel said:

    hey, nice blog!
    i posted in you post about the covers os the girl with the dragon tattoo


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