Type That Makes You Hungry (or not)

Today we proudly present other people’s work. Next Monday we’ll be delivering a lecture on tangible type and as an appetizer (hum, hum) a small collection of typographic compositions that play with their food (under the link).

For breakfast we offer calorific E by Luiza. Personally, I don’t find the look of scrambled eggs all that appetizing but the honesty of this photography is bold and funny.

When in need of some coffee, why not pick a cup with typographic decoration? Actually, it would be nice to be served type-decorated latte sometimes instead of one with those swirls (via WLT).

As you’re supposed to eat them five times a day, why not fill lunch with some fruit and vegetables and be done with it? (Though we’re not pretending we actually do this.) First a classic, possibly one of my favorites by Stefan Sagmeister, “Banana Wall.” As we’re sure you’ve already seen it a million times, we’ll only post a picture and a link to Sameister’s site where he talks about it (in case you did not see it, after all, do read about it because it’s such a cool, if wasteful, concept).

Normally we find alphabets arranged from various objects (you know, pins, beads, pubic hair) a little flat because, well, you can arrange anything into anything if the scale is right but these two works make it a challenge in two completely different ways.

The vegetable alphabet, while using big clumsy vegetables not, say, peas, manages to stay surprisingly elegant, perhaps thanks to using serif letters. By Jimmy Smith.

Where vegetable letters surprise by staying so true to serif letter shapes, this apple alphabet is interesting for the opposing reason: the letters are barely legible and so more credible and intriguing (also via WLT).

For dinner two more realistic dishes by Luiza. Make sure to check out the whole set on flickr (as linked above).

And to finish off on a sweet note, cookies. There are tons of letter shaped cookies out there but below a cover for our favorite project of recent years, Ikea’s Hembakat är bäst (it’s the one with the beautiful photos for cake ingredients, not really typographic but see it here if you haven’t yet or send me one if you’re feeling good-hearted).

  1. Matt Harpham said:

    apple alphabet is my favorite !

  2. Danny said:

    Love the creativity with the food 🙂

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