Pretty Paper Pictures (of Letters)

Last week we shared food type finds, this week another bunch of typographic beauties from our upcoming lecture. This is perhaps our favorite category: paper art. Even if you’ve already seen all these works, they’re still worth another look.

The first work entitled P is for Paper is by illustrator Ayaka Ito and was created for 8 Faces magazine competition. By the alliterative principle, P is built of “petals, ponds and pyramids” – which, frankly, we didn’t get at first but we love the narrative quality of the piece, how looking at the pladder you expect Thumbelina to show up.

And another one by the same author, this time E letter for a school project. Again, wonderful colors.

Bianca Chang is an Australian designer who uses many, many, many sheets of white paper to create letter sculptures. Do watch her videos to appreciate her patience, precision and passion (we can alliterate too). Also, apparently the paper is recycled, which makes it somewhat more eco-friendly, but either way this is breath-takingly impressive.

Another fine example of the use of layered paper comes with the alphabet by Griffin Glaze, supposedly inspired by geology and delivered at the cost of “780 sheets of paper total. 40 X-Acto blades. 120 hours of paper cutting. 3 really numb fingers.”

And the final example for today are letters by French artist, Jerome Corgier, who layers black and white paper. Two things we like about his work is the three-dimensionality even greater than in the previous examples, which, like in case of Y, may even deform the shape of the letter, and the roughness of execution, which proves that he really did sit down and cut all those shapes rather than render them on his computer – and tangible type is all about that. This was a long sentence.

Next week we hope to return to showing you some of our stuff and hope for it to be mildly entertaining, too.

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