All I Really Want to Dot

Gilmore Girls, that long gone (long in TV terms) already-classic show about what looked like two teenagers, except one was a mother and one a daughter and they lived in a totally unrealistic idealized town – is the kind of show I like to have on during ironing: I follow the stories as background noise but don’t really watch watch what’s happening. But as there wasn’t much ironing this week, we did this instead:

Of course, this is another in the series of hand-made typography and yes, it was all done manually, dot by dot by dot, you get the idea, to the accompaniment of fast-discussed Gilmore love troubles. It did take quite a few episodes, too.

  1. You’ve ‘dotted’ your i’s in every layer! Good stuff!

  2. reklawconsciousness said:

    Hey, just randomly came across your blog while I was creating mine. I really like your art! Definitely looking forward to what you come up with in the future!

  3. rommel said:

    This is unbelievably awesome! It’s done manually! WOW. And the .gif like effect! You’re an artist.

    • Thank you, particularly as it’s difficult to use “gif” in a compliment:)

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