Around the World, for Children

Today is my birthday and R. gave me (among many other things) a little set of wonderfully illustrated books. They are tourist guides (or really just collections of anecdotes) for four cities that are eternal tourist magnets so that children want to visit and they stay tourist magnets, I suppose. The books were all illustrated and designed by Marianna Oklejak, about whom we wrote a while ago, and we absolutely love the humor of illustrations and the color palettes.

Many images after the jump (or below).

The collection includes Rome, Paris, Krakow and London. Each is subtitled “For young travelers” to make the target clearer but even though, particularly today, I don’t exactly fall into that category (well, maybe in the broad sense; because I don’t do all that much traveling) I still find them delightful.

The cover of Rome.

Rome spread: about the Colosseum and the water system in ancient Rome.

The Sistine Chapel ceiling: quite an impressive illustration, let me tell you.

London cover.

Each book begins with an illustration depicting a city map where all the described landmarks are placed.

Spread about ravens of London.

Five o’clock illustration (I love the use of crayons on scones).

Paris, my favorite tourist magnet ever.

Louvre spread.

Notre Dame.

Coco Chanel style.

Finally, more local Krakow.

The castle of Krakow. The colors on this spread are perfect.

And here is Ms. Oklejak’s own blog, should you want to explore her work further.

  1. These are great…I make greeting cards and some art journals and I love these!!!

  2. Cos said:

    Wow! I really love these travel guides. I’m searching for English issues, but can’t find them on the web. Unfortunately.

    • I don’t think they were published in any other language, unfortunately.

  3. I’ve seen those in some bookstore – they are wonderful! I should buy one for my little niece:)

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