A Lady Does Not Place Her Weapon on the Table

A while ago we did a series of minimalist Disney posters which looked something like this:

and you can see the big versions here.

Last week we saw the newest pleaser from Disney, Brave, that we’d been waiting since first teaser trailer to see. Or more specifically, since we fell in love with Tangled and wanted to see something else equally exciting. Brave did not disappoint us (though it was surprising to see a Disney princess without a romance) and today we celebrate it with the twenty first minimalist poster.

Now we’re waiting impatiently for more Disney fun.

  1. hoi said:

    Love it. But you forgot Dumbo, Pocahontas and The Sword in the Stone,

    • Thank you! And I guess you’re right but we had to limit ourselves a little with the overwhelming number of movies they produce.

  2. Hi, I’d be interested in ordering some of these prints. It was mentioned in the comments on the original post that you were possibly working on a printing option for these posters. Is that available at this point? Many thanks.

  3. P. said:

    That’s not the quote. The quote is: ‘A princess does not place her weapons on the table’.
    Thank you.

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