Isotype re:visited

Among other projects we are working on right now is a book that will teach basic ideas of economy to children. However, when we worked on the first layout and concept because of regrettable communication difficulties we were informed that the book is for ages 13-15 while in fact it will be for ages 10-12. This means that most of this project will join the Salon des Refusés and we may only share it with you, not with hordes of children starved for economic knowledge.

The idea was to organize spreads as infographics so that information would be visualized in a graphically simple, easily accessible manner. We used two inspirations additionally to tons of wonderful infographics we collect on our hard drives: Mr Gerd Arntz and FF Dingbats. If you don’t know Gerd Arntz and Isotype be sure to check them out because they were pioneers of our today’s visual language and lots of their work remains exciting and surprisingly current (while, interestingly, also smacks of its own time). And FF Dingbats is a useful dingbats font that we drew from to develop a module of human form.

And here are the drafts. The first spread is about proportions of workers to non-working groups of people and the other about costs of running a small business and the concept of profit.

Even though it’s disappointing we won’t get to work on the project, at least the language is universal enough and we hope to use it as a starting point for some future design.

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