Sort of Board Farmville, but Not Quite

As kids my brother and I were sent every year to the countryside for a part of holidays and boy, did we hate it. Probably this experience led us to create a sort of absurd board game about the chores and trials of living on a farm, which was nowhere near balanced or fair but gave us tons of fun. Over the years we created one board after another, usually sketching them with a pencil on tattered pieces of paper. We excitedly role-played drunk, lazy countryside crooks, exchanging money cut of old newspapers. We loved that game more than any store-bought shiny ones.

Two years ago R and I re-created the game as a Christmas gift for my brother and for the first time Farmer became designed. We had fun with all the icons and elements and today proudly present the results. (For the record, obviously we don’t think the game is in any way a realistic representation of farm life, nor was it meant to be, so hold off the pitchforks.)

Set of elements: the game board, tokens indicating possession, die and pawns, money and debt markers.

Game in progress, for four players.

Money: heads of animals indicate the value.

Box cover with game elements.

Close-up of the board (from the top left it says: Seeds, Dead Cow, Stealing Horses, Church Help).

Board field: Dead Cow event, you gain $1500 if you bought insurance.

      • magdaradtke said:

        Istnieje już możliwość kupienia/zamówienia kopi gry? 🙂

      • Miło nam, że ktoś jest zainteresowany:) – ale niestety na razie nie wpadliśmy na dobry pomysł co do produkcji… Nie tracimy jednak nadziei.

  1. Just one quick question… Where can I get one? This looks great!I know what you wrote – it was a gift for your brother. But if I can’t buy it anywhere, some part of my soul will be hollow…

    • The bad news for your soul is that so far only one single copy exists. The good is, we might always bring it for a gaming session if you really, really want us to.

      • Sounds great:) Also – where you can make your own board game? You have to explain me this during our next meeting…

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