Printing Plans

Today a bit of possibly business news – and plea for help. We have been receiving heart-warming requests for printed posters of our self-initiated projects and we would love to provide. But from where we live the shipping rates are downright crazy and so we can’t offer a reasonable price. So we’re looking for the kind of service that lets you send the artwork to them and they print and ship it anywhere, paying you your share of the price.

We’d like to ask for your opinion: can you recommend any service like this? It’d have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Not be limited to the US (we’re EU citizens here).
  • Obviously, not take away any copyrights and manage them as it pleases. We need to retain control of what they do with the artwork.

If it’s possible at all we’d love to compare and contrast a few options. Your stories about dealing with such service-providers would be invaluable (and we mean both recommendations and warnings). Here’s a sweetener, too: the person whose advice leads us to choosing the service gets his or her choice of an Iconic Poster free. If you have a recommendation, write to us.

If this works out, we’ll be starting with selling Iconic Shows, Iconic Painters and the third, yet undisclosed but fun part of the series to appear soon. Thank you!

  1. A couple of print-on-demand places that could fit the bill you’re looking for: Zazzle and Society6. Society6 has some fantastic offerings of illustration and photography by individual artists. I haven’t ordered from them, but it looks popular.

    • Thank you! We will definitely check them out.

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