United Colors of Technology

Most of the time design is about little things, meaning not only commas and kerning but mostly small projects: business cards, newspaper ads, leaflets – here today, gone tomorrow and not that exciting to share. But as this is such a big part of our job we want to show them every now and then. Today’s project is a leaflet for the Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.

The leaflet informs about the expansion of the Park and invites new companies to join. We received few guidelines for the project, except for the size and the distribution of the contents throughout the leaflet. We decided to base on something we enjoy working with, namely icons, and to rely on a color palette to make an impression.

This is the cover of the leaflet. The Park’s branding uses Myriad Pro so it made sense to use it here but we combined it with another, more expressive typeface to highlight important information.

The logo suggests using circular forms so we decided to put the icons into circles and add color splashes through smaller dots. Cyan is the main color of the Park.

Open leaflet with detailed information about the Park’s offer and ways of contacting it through the internet. The leaflet uses grayish-beige background.

Below a selection of icons. Some of the more generic icons came from a free font but more specific ones had to be designed.

A little inside piece of information on how inspiration works: The double arrow comes from a contents sketch we received from the client. It was used as a punctuation method to indicate bullet lists and we decided to keep it as the leaflet’s symbol. We actually used it for bullet lists instead of bullets and built a big version of colored dots for the back cover of the leaflet.

1 comment
  1. This is a great design!
    Thanks for sharing from the more mundane side of the graphic design industry; even the small designs can be successful and important.
    Funny how so many people fail to realize that the “small projects” can have a big impact on identity, branding, and building consumer relationships. Kudos!

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