Design Patchwork

Alias Grace is one of wonderful novels by a Canadian author Margaret Atwood. It tells a story of a servant convicted of murder. It’s one of those Victorian-obsessed novels, like The French Lieutenant’s Woman and The Crimson Petal and the White, and it’s up there with the best of ’em story-wise while Atwood is arguably a better writer. All I’m saying is, read it.

Quilt is a dominating motif of the novel, both as a part of the story and a composition principle and I always regretted no cover author (to my knowledge) used it but hey, at least we could in our new poster. With my mom’s extensive collection of patterned fabrics we built the quilt-like composition out of almost 150 pieces.

A part of an interesting challenge of this poster was to design letters built of rectangular triangles and then separate them from the background of other triangles and squares. As quilt rookies we researched quilt making on the web and had our misconception corrected: initially we planned to separate the letter elements by color (like red) but it turned out pro quilters use difference in lightness. So that’s what we did, with light colors forming the title and dark, mostly navy blue and brown with red thrown here and there as a reminder of the murder, making up the background.

Originally we planned to sew the pieces together and we might still do that but for now arranging them properly turned out challenging enough.

We loved how this project let us focus on our design interests – such as grid-based letters, color, topic-form relation – but also broaden our comfort zone a little with new materials. We could have done it with paper and I daresay it’d still work but fabric pieces are so much better.

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