Tasteful Amber Calendar

ats-2013-cal_01Usually the calendars we work on have much less boobs than the one we showed last time – and we count ourselves lucky for that. Today’s calendar was designed for The Atelier of Taste culinary show, whose calendar we also designed last year, and continued it visually with this one.

ats-2013-cal_09This year The Atelier of Taste produced a series called Amber Atelier, honoring the historical importance of amber in our region. They cooperated with local restaurants, showing the viewers those restaurants’ recipes for vegan and vegetarian dishes. The calendar presents a choice of twelve dishes illustrated with photos from the show.

ats-2013-cal_02Also, each month is additionally illustrated with a piece of jewelry designed by a student of the local Academy of Fine Arts, who used amber in their pieces. While working on the calendar we could choose the pieces to feature freely, albeit from a limited amount, so we made it a point to try and match the piece with the dish presented (which sometimes worked better and sometimes worse, I guess).

ats-2013-cal_03Quite obviously, the amber theme also determined the color scheme and so instead of varied colors we used last year, this year we chose primarily orange.

ats-2013-cal_04 ats-2013-cal_07 ats-2013-cal_06 ats-2013-cal_05ats-2013-cal_08ats-2013-cal_10

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