The World According to Alexander Aksinin


A while ago we did an initial design of a catalog for an exhibition of a Ukrainian artist Alexander Aksinin. Aksinin created etching prints, color and black and white, employing unusual formats and developing his personal mythology. He died tragically in 1985 but still has devoted following, representatives of which organized the exhibition in our city in the Pionova gallery.

The final version of the catalog was expertly executed by Joanna Kurowska.


Cover by Joanna Kurowska with the artist’s personal monogram.



Title page. The motif of cross repeats throughout Aksinin’s work and so we used the cross-hair as the dominant ornament which also organizes many pages. This worked especially well with the four languages (Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian) of the catalog. Here a title page in all the languages.

We used Warnock because we needed a typeface that has Cyrillic glyphs but also as a challenge: it seemed easier to use a sans serif as more natural to us but we wanted to work with a serif typeface for a change. Both italics and larger size texts turned out as elegant as we hoped. For budget reasons most pages are black and white but when possible we used green and red as colors dominating Aksinin’s palette.


Title page of the biographical note with the author’s photo.

metagraphics-05 metagraphics-06 metagraphics-07

Title pages of introductory essays.

metagraphics-08 metagraphics-09 metagraphics-10 metagraphics-11 metagraphics-12 metagraphics-detail-1 metagraphics-detail-2 metagraphics-detail-3

  1. Léopold Vanwetswinkel said:

    Hi! It’s beautiful, where can I get one?
    THank you

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