A Calendar for Kolo

kol-2013-cal_00Another calendar we did last year was also for Sloma&Trymbulak ordered by Koło Association. The organization for people with disabilities wanted to present its members in a series of upbeat, colorful, fashion-styled photographs that were taken by Mirek Trymbulak. All the photographs showed two people: a member of the association with somebody important to them, focusing on the theme of relationships.

kol-2013-cal_01First page of the calendar was printed on white tracing paper with the year and a grid of colorful squares. Each square covered a portrait printed on the cover. Once the tracing paper was lifted, the actual cover showed with miniatures of photos from the calendar and colorful squares instead of the year.


kol-2013-cal_03For typography we used a combination of Filosofia and Avenir. We particularly enjoy the digits of Filosofia for their simultaneously playful and elegant look. Each month has a lead color matching the photo and the colors were also used on the square grid on the tracing paper.


1 comment
  1. Really great calendars, simple and clean designs is what makes them so good and “fresh”, I specially liked the KOLO calendar!

    Keep it up!

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