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NDI_01Quite a while ago we designed a small brochure for NDI, a local development and construction company. Many elements came directly from the logo: the square format, colors and Compacta typeface (the super-condensed and thick Helvetica variant that is often hard to use).

NDI_02The elements that do not come from the logo but determine the character of this particular brochure is the silver color on the cover and architectural drawings of the client’s buildings (all the drawings by Joanna Kurowska). Orange, beige and dark gray complete the color palette.

NDI_03Contents page.

NDI_04NDI_05Spreads from the brochure. Photographs show the client’s buildings, focusing mostly on architectural details.













Fourteen Books to Love Here at re:design we heart many things – LEGO blocks, huskies, bacon, The Good Wife, Christmas Eve and I could really go on – but books are definitely in our top three. And now that Valentine’s Day is upon us again we profess our love for literature with a series of (literally) heart-centered covers.

Memoirs of a GeishaHeart is a fun shape to work with and surprisingly versatile. Each cover uses the shape as the center of the composition around which a symbolic illustration and typography are arranged. The books range from pulp romances through venerable classics to postmodernist experiments but all feature some version of the eternal love theme.

LolitaLolita by Vladimir Nabokov, an ambitious and rather pervy, if read literally, take on love.

Bridget Jones DiaryBridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding, a decidedly unambitious take.

The Vagina MonologuesThe Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler (a more physiological interpretation of the theme).

The Hunchback of Notre-DameFatalistic view of love and life in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo.

Quo VadisQuo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

In Search of Lost TimeIn Search of Lost Time or in love with the past, by Marcel Proust.

Cinder House RulesCider House Rules by John Irving.

Ireland: a NovelIreland by Frank Delaney.

A Good YearA Good Year by Peter Mayle.

Homer's DaughterHomer’s Daughter by Robert Graves.

NanaNana by Emile Zola, a socially critical anti-love story.

One Hundred Years of SolitudeOne Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The GamblerAnother classic, The Gambler by Dostoyevsky.

Memoirs of a GeishaMemoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, love in Japan.

Title page of LolitaTitle page for Lolita, with the logo for the series.

Books to LoveSeries of spines. For typography we chose a combination of Scala and Stag. We picked a limited color palette of reds and grays with some greens and yellows.

re:design loves booksThe logo of the series, consisting – predictably – of 14 hearts.

And we wish all of you a happy Valentine’s Day (either spent with your beloved person or with your beloved book).


We have been contacted by the Barbican gallery in London on the occasion of their new exhibition entitled Dancing Around Duchamp, which focuses on the work of Duchamp and artists he inspired, including visual artists such as Johns and Rauschenberg. Our iconic posters for Johns and Duchamp fit the subject and so they will be available for sale in the gallery’s boutique, together with a brand new poster we designed specially for the occasion:

re-painters-rauschenbergThis is a poster for Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008), who was missing from our collection because we feared he might not be immediately recognizable from icons. Now you may decide for yourselves if you’d know it’s him, hadn’t we just told you.

And if you happen to be in London between February 14 and June 28, visit the gallery and maybe even buy yourselves a little something.

re-painters-barbican-exhibitOur next post will appear earlier than usual: on February 13, Wednesday as it will be Valentine-themed.

in-her-garden-redesign-poster_01Today we have finally gotten down to cleaning up all the post-Christmas decorations (which we know is late-ish but we just love having Christmas lights around) and decided to do some creative recycling of the dried up holly leaves littering our room because we found them quite pretty and intriguing. What precisely we decided to do is another typographic poster to include in the Theatre of Literature series.

Unlike with the previous posters, we didn’t have a selected novel title to use and couldn’t think of one so we actually resorted to Google once we came up with the ideas that this book should include. We wanted something about old age and nature, nostalgic and on the serious side, and found a seemingly perfect match. In Her Garden by Jon Godden is a 1981 novel about an elderly widow who falls in love with her young gardener and dies under suspicious circumstances, a cross between a psychological and a gothic story – at least according to the Internet sources as we’ve yet to read it. (Again, this is not how we normally work but since the perishable material was ready, we seized the opportunity.)

in-her-garden-redesign-poster_02 in-her-garden-redesign-poster_03

We built simple, cursive-like letters from the leaves so that the leaves’ curves reinforce those of the letters. We used the rest of the leaves to make an ornament, the kind whose structure can be found on a wallpaper in an old house. We picked a somber color that does not contrast strongly with the design to create a rather melancholy atmosphere.


in-her-garden-redesign-poster_05With the Christmas decorations gone, at least we have the satisfaction of having turned a part of the chore into more enjoyable work.