Domino, but with Dogs

re-domino-01For R’s birthday last week I wanted to get him something homemade to add to our board game collection and realized that we did not have a single game of domino. I loved those as a child and particularly when they had pictures of something else than dots so that’s what I picked (bonus: there’s probably not a single simpler game to make).

re-domino-02I designed six canines on a geometric grid, in a limited number of colors, printed them out of home printer and then realized that it wasn’t the simplest game to make after all, when I had to cut the tiles out (or carve them out, more like) of three-millimeter-thick cardboard. Long and painful story short, I only ruined about eight and had to run a small reprint of those.


Compared to the tiles, the box was a piece of cake (or a piece of pre-made packaging, to be precise): I used a gift box and only designed the cover to put onto it.



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