The Slow Orange Fox

re-easter13-00 Happy Easter from us.

We don’t know about where you live but here we usually expect spring weather for Easter and usually are still stuck with winter, particularly when Easter comes so early. So this year’s Easter card is perhaps not very Easter-y but it’s spring-y, as in wishful thinking. We started with bunnies but then somehow ventured into different associations and steered away from the Easter bunny.

It started with carrots.


Bunnies multiplied.


And then there came a fox.


Spoiler: the fox ended up a vegetarian. Mostly, we just wanted to have a little fun with stop motion animation before we do a more ambitious (or at least longer) one, as we’re planning to. Except we don’t expect there to be any rabbits. We’re undecided about foxes yet.

Here’s the gif version of the animation, which hopefully will help you make sense of the above stills.


And it is also our way of saying have a very happy Easter!

The longer version without gif grain on Vimeo: The Adventure of the Slow Orange Fox.

  1. What is not to like about Legos? Night work.

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