A Mystery to Finish

redesign-iconic-cartoon-introAfter iconic painters and TV series we are now working on a third group of iconic posters, Iconic Cartoons. We’ve had this idea for a while (actually, it was suggested by one of our commenters – thank you, Ammon) and we made sketches a long time ago, but only got down to it now, prompted by a friend’s request to make a game for children. More on that some other time and we’ll show you all the posters when we finish them. Today just a preview: the first show to guess.

It’s as much a classic series as they come, started in 1969 and still popular. And yes, we do realize it’s a tad obvious but you’re probably older than the target audience will be.


We got some work to do now.

  1. bg said:

    And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids. Looks great!!!

  2. I absolutely adored that show as a kid… and hated when they tried to make a movie using real humans… Looking forward for more 🙂

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