Silver Wiring


Silver is another design in Project Doolittle. For a while we wanted to do something with a wire because its pliability inspired us and we used to play with forming wire shapes as kids.

Well, what we remembered as fun childhood pastime turned out to be much more challenging when applied to typography. We based letters loosely on Didot design and getting the wire to twist in the right places and curve smoothly proved frustrating. But, strangely enough, straight lines were hardest to form and we needed plenty.


pix-silver-03In the end we accepted the kind of clumsiness as part of the project and maybe even a value testifying to the hand-made character of the letters. Then we stuck the letters into a base (backstage trivia: we used flower pots) and photographed them over a background of silver foil to arrive at this cover:

re-pix-silver-full2And you may take our word for it that none of the shapes were fixed in post-production aka liquified (well, then again, maybe it’s obvious).


  1. Particularly love this one. I had a ‘wire stage’ myself! I love it!
    Looking forward to the rest of the album 🙂

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