Tame as a Weaver

pix-tame-01 For Tame, our third Project Doolittle work, we returned to our favorite material and one feeling most natural: paper.

The concept for this work is simple: we created a grid by cutting two paper squares into 5 mm stripes. One square is black and the other one white (with that marble texture they use for home-made business cards which we always found intriguing but not very useful until now). Then, according to a pre-designed square grid we weaved the black stripes through the white ones to create the word “Tame” and a cross pattern. This turned out a meditative job and way less frustrating than wire-shaping we showed last week.

re-pix-tame-04re-pix-tame-05re-pix-tame-06We chose a (loosely) black letter typeface because it seemed more interesting to fit it into a square grid but also because the patient (and taming) work fit somehow with our idea of medieval monks. To my mind, it’s almost impossible not to take the word “tame”, Pixies’ lyrics and weaving and not think about feminist-related issues but we’ll leave (over)interpreting to you, should you feel so inclined (we’re always happy to discuss, though, if you want us to).

pix-tame-frontA bonus point of this idea is that the back side creates a perfect negative of the front.

pix-tame-back pix-tame-02pix-tame-03

  1. Tania said:

    Wow, this reminds me of art and craft lesson during primary school days!

  2. chistanote said:

    It is so creative and interesting, I would like to try it by more colors 🙂

    • When we first thought of it we liked the contrast between black and white also for its symbolic meaning but, of course, from a formal point of view colors would be interesting. Except you’d need to have single stripes, not keep them attached at one end like we did.

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