Design That Has Grown

re-pix-gouge-02A while ago we showed you the beginning of Project Doolittle’s Gouge Away. We planted the title in garden cress and waited for it to sprout, grow and finally wilt, patiently capturing the process, which looked something like this, except not that fast:


Of this we picked two stages for the covers of the record: the fully grown one and the mostly wilted one. This project surprised us on a few levels. First of all, it was something completely different to work with vegetation rather than with our more standard materials. It simply called for a different approach when we couldn’t speed anything up. As you can probably tell from the previous sentences, we’re not much of gardeners on daily basis and so we enjoyed the novelty.

But the second surprise came in the legibility of the piece. When we started we half-expected to end up with a mass of leaves in a general shape of the lettering. Instead it remained legible almost all the way through and didn’t even require post-processing to improve legibility.


Front cover.



re-pix-gouge-04Back cover.

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