A Thousand Pinpricks

re-pix-bleed-introI Bleed, the fifth Project Doolittle work, required a purchase of several boxes of sewing pins and about two hours of sticking them into a felt cushion. We’re happy to inform you that it was mostly painless.


Obviously this time the relation between the title and the material was not very complicated – though we are glad to have avoided oozing liquids. Instead, with the cushion and the script-y lettering combined with the words themselves, we venture once again into the feminism-related territories. At least, that’s a hint for those of you who like to get deep into the meaning of visual works. For the others: rainbow colors!

re-pix-bleed-front re-pix-bleed-backI’m not sure how many pins exactly we used but I pretty sure it was over 500.


And close-ups:

re-pix-bleed-det3 re-pix-bleed-det1 re-pix-bleed-det2

  1. Reblogged this on Ari.L and commented:
    Typo fait avec des aiguilles… Génial.
    J’adore les couleurs qu’il a mis, je trouve que ça ressort bien sur le coussin qui est foncé.

  2. This project is wonderful and intelligent. It has been wonderful following along so far. Thank you for doing this.

    • Thank you! And you’re welcome, of course.

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