No. 13 Baby

introWhen you idiotically rip new tights, it can be infuriating. But once you realize they are beyond repair you can either rip them to shreds in pure destructive frenzy or use them creatively – both ways are fun. For this Project Doolittle cover, “No. 13 Baby,” we went with the creative way.

front-coverdetail2Of course, we didn’t really make the cover because of some particular pair of ripped tights. But after many previous misfortunes with non-particular pairs (you always spot the rip right when you’re leaving for an important meeting, too) we got the idea that this would be an interesting material to work with. And it was. We actually feel this could work as a cover for some indie band.


Back cover:


  1. Who’d of thought that something good could become of this terrible situation! Love it!

  2. ShoeValentine said:

    The composition of picture 2 is great. The leg provides a nice fundament for the logo. The whole image rather looks like something organic although the pair of tights is black what creats a suitable contrast.

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