Boardgame Interruption

130616-boardgamesWe are sorry but our weekend plans changed when we spotted a poster for a board game festival nearby. Consequently, we spent a large part of Sunday pawing various games and wondering which ones to add to our already-too-large collection. We had a good time but, unfortunately, that was also the time we had planned to spend on the new post.

  1. This is so funny BTW: visit my blog: THE DUB randomize you

  2. bdh63 said:

    We like Carcassone. I like your art. It reminds me of games we made for our kids to encourage them to practice their instruments. You move 5 spaces if you play Song of the Wind three times! I haven’t thought about those in years.

    • Thank you. It sounds like a great idea if your kids like games.

  3. Board game festival! Was it acceptable to go alone? My friends have learned to refuse to play board games with me because it always ends in a tantrum.

    • Sure, it was acceptable. There were some people you could’ve joined and the staff explained all the games too. I find it’s more fun not to worry too much about winning and enjoy the process, though.

      • That’s what I tell people who gloat about winning when I have lost.

  4. Sounds like a great reason for a deviation! 😉

    I’ll have to check out that Musketeers game!

    • We’ve got a lot of them but the one we return to most often is a lesser known cooperative game “Mousquetaires Du Roy” about Dumas’ musketeers.

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