It’s Small Things Like These

that can irritate the hell out of you when they happen but in the illustrated form like this they make your day.

tumblr_mnx3r4joTE1r4ibs7o1_500Thoka Maer, an illustrator from Berlin, has tumblr called it’s no biggie with an ongoing project of wonderful, whimsical illustrations. All of them are animated as stop-motion loops of sometimes real, sometimes surreal small graphic observations. The longer you look at them the more you appreciate their subtle humor and, dare we say, philosophical outlook that result directly from the choice of medium. We rarely notice all the daily loops but there they are.

Since we’ve been insanely busy and didn’t manage to prepare a post of our own work we leave you with a few of our favorite no biggies and recommend that you see the rest.

Today looked exactly like this:


I hate when people read over my shoulder on public transport. But I look over other people’s shoulders myself, so yeah.

tumblr_lwixf1LBRy1r4ibs7o1_500This might not have happened to us:

tumblr_ltwd7tivCI1r4ibs7o1_500But this sure did way back before we discovered AdBlock:

tumblr_lw1t2sRSXe1r4ibs7o1_500And of course we can’t ignore a dog illustration:


  1. Murage said:

    In a different situation it wouldn’t have been, but a room room full of strangers that i was trying to impress…

  2. Murage said:

    Nice collection, the pop ad once happened to me and the screen froze, had to turn off the comp at the main socket before anyone came over.

  3. Hehe.. these little Giff’s made me giggle! I couldn’t choose a favourite though they are all great. Thanks for sharing, Nikki x

  4. These are brilliant. Such talent! I wish I had the ability to see things and draw them like that. Holy crap that’s amazing.

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