re:design love octopus

As we got married on Friday we feel quite justified in postponing the proper wedding-related post till next week when we hope to show you our invitations. This has been an exciting but exhausting weekend and we’re resting.

  1. Congratulations! Wishing you guys all the best. Perhaps it has a personal meaning to you guys but I love the seemingly random octopus and heart combo haha!

    • Not all that personal but it will certainly seem less random when we post our invitations:) Also, who doesn’t like octopuses. And of course, thanks!

  2. A very hearty congratulations to you! 🙂 The designs you both have put together and showcased in this blog is really inspiring, and I look forward many more now!

  3. thingsitaughtmyself said:


  4. pal said:

    I am a follower for quite some time, silently, through the feed reader… This time I really want to give you my congratulations! 🙂 Wishing all the best with the most inspiring new posts!

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