Our Wedding Invitations


Just like planned, except a little later, we get to present you our wedding invitations. This was an extremely challenging subject to design, not because wedding invitations are difficult (they are not) but because we expected so much from ourselves and also we had to come to a consensus between our two ideas.

And yes, we did fight a little over the concept. Very little.

The first thing we agreed upon was the shape and the method of folding, simple yet apparently surprising (so much so that more than one person seemed puzzled to refold it after opening). The second thing was offset printing that we wanted: it’s in two Pantone metallic colors, copper and warm silver, printed on one side of the paper (Munken Pure) and folded. That was all done in a printing company but the difficult part, cutting out the triangles to make the ribbon shape, we did by hand. (Okay, it wasn’t that difficult, just time-consuming.)

re-wedding_invitation-08 re-wedding_invitation-09 re-wedding_invitation-05 re-wedding_invitation-02

We printed the inside information at home because it had to be unique for each invitation. As for the ornament, a closed invitation shows just a pattern of abstract round shapes with only two copper hearts. As it is opened the shapes are replaced by more hearts, with pigeons and our initials thrown in for a good measure.

re-wedding_invitation-04 re-wedding_invitation-03 re-wedding_invitation-07 re-wedding_invitation-06At the back we repeated the initials, together with the most fun part of the design: couples of various animals. We designed most of them especially for the invitation but those of you who drop in here often will recognize a bit of design recycling, too. We later reused the animals for other wedding materials, such as menus. We packed the invitations into metallic copper envelopes that we bought on the internet and were lucky because they matched the print perfectly.

And below is a large-ish gif so wait while it loads.


  1. N Parekh said:

    This is infact a beautiful wedding card. I agree it looks a bit too simple and elegant. For a homemade wedding card, it surely is a great work. I would love to know more about how to make wedding cards at home. I would like to opt for a homemade card for my wedding.

    • Thank you but I have to clarify: it’s not exactly homemade. The exterior is printed in a printing house with two metallic colors (something almost impossible to accomplish at home) and only the text inside is added later.

  2. Nice concept. Perhaps, a bit muddled to get all of the essential wedding information together, but certainly interesting and eye-catching.

  3. Lovely, a bit different to the run of the mill stuff. Good luck with them

  4. Dinosaurs and unicorns – probably the coolest idea in the field of wedding invitations. I smile whenever I see it.

  5. Great concept, and nice choice on the paper, some people forget that printed work has to take in account the actual paper and not only the design…

    • Paper was another thing we’d decided upon even before we started designing.

  6. They’re beautiful. Have a happy wedding! Unless you’ve already wedded, in which case, I hope you are happily married. 😉

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