Dog Days Revisited, with Lego

dog_days_lego_introToday’s post is brought to you by Lego. Or actually it’s brought to you by us and our love of Lego, much as we wouldn’t mind some official endorsement. We are in the process of recreating the Dog Days poster in Lego blocks because can there be a better combination than dogs, Lego and pixels? Maybe, but we can’t think of one at all.

Also, we really needed a break from all the serious work we’ve been doing and so please enjoy Lego Dog Days (part 1).



  1. This post really brought me back to my childhood. I am a dog-lover and nothing can describe my childhood except all the dog-related cartoons I watched on Saturday mornings. I think what really tied this piece together was the Lego work. It’s simple, minimalistic but it was also beautiful as well. Thank you so much for sharing this post, it’s one of the more adorable pieces of Lego art I’ve seen today!

    • Thank you for your comment! We’re really glad you liked the work on such a personal level.

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