The Submariner Compendium


The Submariner Compendium is a project we did for sPro from Berlin. It is a result of international studies of the sustainable use of the resources of the Baltic Sea sponsored by the EU. The publication is directed at European politicians who should be encouraged to promote such solutions for the future of the sea.

The studies were conducted by institutions from many EU countries, including Germany, Scandinavian countries and Poland. The Compendium is divided into chapters, each devoted to one kind of resource, such as mussels, microalgae, sustainable fish farming, blue biotechnology and others. The publication needed to be accessible but also well-organized and present the huge amount of data in an orderly way.

We decided to introduce color coding: each chapter has its lead color and the colors are arranged in a spectrum, which can be seen in the contents page. Additionally, the whole book uses a shade of cyan that is both vivid and sea-related. Also, each resource has an icon that is used for the infographics in the book.


redesign-submariner-04Infographic illustrations were a very important element of the layout and required designing many icons, which, of course, was quite fun for us (especially if they involved animals). The book also required designing maps and graphs – the illustrative material was quite massive. To keep everything clean we used a two-column layout for the text with one-column narrower space for larger illustrations.

redesign-submariner-02The cover also uses the symbols for the resources arranged in a wheel. The extra thrill came from  using varnish to add a small wave ornament onto the cover that is only well visible from certain angles.

This was a huge and quite an ambitious project but it definitely gave us a lot of satisfaction to see it completed.



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    This is a great example of how well considered and beautifully executed design can elevate dry, copy and stat heavy material into something interesting and attractive to read.

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