Draw This World

re-walk-01While we’re still swamped with a ton of work, we took a (very short) break to share with you one more book we bought after our trip to London and it might be actually our favorite. It is called Walk This World by Lotta Nieminen and it shows a walk through various cities of the world in one day. Each spread is given to one city that the children should guess, using such clues as clothing, bits of language, famous monuments and even colors. Some are harder, some easier but all very pretty.

But that’s not even the best part, cool as it is! The best part is that it has those flaps of paper you can open to peek underneath and see what’s inside the buildings. I’m sure we’re well past the target age but we thoroughly enjoyed opening those windows and doors and chuckled at the humorous illustrations. Combined with nice illustrations, an exquisite sense of color and good production values, this is another book on our long list that we recommend to all you book aficionados out there, whether you have children or not.


The whole journey starts in New York. (Sorry for the gif-y graininess but we wanted to show you the hidden illustrations.)


This is Sydney spread with its lovely color palette and whatever’s hiding in a kangaroo:

re-walk-03re-walk-05Of course we couldn’t overlook Paris, with Mona Lisa hidden in the Louvre:



And here’s Italy and the insides of a volcano:


(Italy actually looks like a mix of several cities, which is a bit surprising at least to our European sensitivities but whatever, it’s still gorgeous.)

  1. Love your blog!!!!!!! ❤ Hope you'll love mine too! Please find time visiting and following my blog. It would mean a lot to me! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I won’t lie, think I actually need this book for myself.

  3. I love the illustration style used in this book; I’ve picked up a couple of children’s books just because the pictures are fantastic, particularly in some of the older second hand books I’ve found. Although I don’t have children that I can pretend to be buying the books for…!

    • Nor do we but we have two full shelves of children’s books (and counting) – so you’re definitely not alone.

  4. papict said:

    I NEED this book. For my kids, of course. Annoying that they mashed up Italy but I will forgive them because the art work is so wonderful.

    • Our sentiments exactly:)
      And yes, it’s definitely a book worth having.

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