The Map of Freedom


There might be people who shrug at graphic freebies. We neither know them nor count ourselves among their number and that’s how we got this map we’re showing you today. To celebrate 25 years of freedom the Prime Minister’s office has ordered an illustrated map of Poland with information about the history of democratic transformation. Then everyone could order a copy for free: I suppose they expected this to be mostly aimed at parents of children but we refused to be stopped by that and our map came a few days ago, close enough to Independence Day.

The map is a work of Hipopotam studio from Warsaw, who proved they can do maps by publishing one of the biggest illustrated books in our collection, with quirky maps of the world. It’s quite an impressive feat and probably gave someone the idea for this little gadget we’re presenting. (Also, if maps of the world sound like your thing, this book is quite widely exported: we saw it in London and in Paris so you can probably grab one somewhere near you.)

The map of Poland is pretty much the same style-wise, only it’s of, you know, Poland. You can find illustrations of historical figures, important buildings, food and, our favorite, animals.







Here’s Gdynia, where we live.


The other side presents some crucial moments in Poland’s recent history, titled What We Did Right: 25 Years of Freedom.


I don’t exactly know how appealing this is for children but we found the whole project a lot of fun.

  1. Only mad people turn down a graphics freebie! The illustrated maps are great, I still have a free illustrated map of Oxford that I picked up as a child 20 years ago, and I still love it. My brother and I tried to draw our own, but were frustrated that at 10 and 12 years old we couldn’t quite replicate the professional finish…

    • My brother and I used to draw maps too! His had better details but I had more determination.

  2. Wowie! This has some super adorable artwork! I will have to find me one!

  3. Siqi said:

    This is amazing! The illustrations are so pretty as well.

    • I still think the best part is that the government offered to send one to every household. That’s some good PR.

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