They’ve Been There for You


The slight delay in posting is not so much due to end-of-year festivities as to the time-consuming nature of the project we’re presenting today.

2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the first episode of Friends and the 10th anniversary of the last one. And yesterday all 10 seasons of the show became available on Netflix (we hear). To celebrate all these momentous occasions we have created a poster with an icon for each of the 236 episodes of Friends. That’s a lot of icons.

poster_friends_wizBut Friends were with us when we were kids and they repeated every episode over and over and we still found them funny, and then we were no longer kids and still re-watched an episode here and there and still found them funny. It was before we got fed up with sitcoms; we loved the characters (well, most of them) and even how they gradually changed: from the crazy 80s hair to their stylish(er) looks and grown-up relationships. We were there for the iconic moments: “We were on a break,” “smelly cat,” “holiday armadillo” all meant something to us. And, you’re very free to disagree, but we always loved Monica and Chandler together.

During the research for this poster we re-watched a lot of bits of the show again and sure, it grows old, but it grows old with surprising grace.

So this is our tribute to Friends. If you like it, you may even buy it here or here. The icons are fairly small in this full version (we particularly don’t recommend buying mini sizes, we just can’t turn them off) so keep reading to see ten additional posters, one for each seasons (with links to buy them).

May the New Year be wonderful for you, full of wacky, hilarious, supportive friends and other good things!

friends-20-detail-redesign-03 friends-20-detail-redesign-05 friends-20-detail-redesign-01 friends-20-detail-redesign-02 friends-20-detail-redesign-04 friends-20-detail-redesign-06 friends-20-all-redesign

And here are 10 posters for 10 seasons, as promised.

friends-20-redesign-season01Season 1: The One Where They Get a Monkey, a Fussball Table and Rachel (buy here).


Season 2: The One Where Joey Moves Out and Back In (buy here).


Season 3: The One with All the Drama with Ross and Rachel (buy here).


Season 4: The One That Ends in London (buy here).


Season 5: The One with Monica and Chandler’s Secret (buy here).


Season 6: The One Where Monica and Chandler Get Engaged (buy here).


Season 7: The One Where Monica and Chandler Get Married (buy here).


Season 8: The One with Rachel’s Pregnancy (buy here).


Season 9: The One Largely about Babies (buy here).


Season 10: The Last One Where They All Become Adults (Except for Joey) (buy here; all posters can also be bought here).

  1. Thiago Gil said:

    Do you sell just the image? deliver to Brazil costs much with the tax, so if you can sell just the art, I can send to print here.

    • Hi! Sorry, we don’t sell images but you can buy a poster at the time of society6’s promotion with free shipping. In fact, they’re having one just now: the link to follow is at the end of this week’s post.

  2. konki said:

    I love your poster and have bought it for my wife – who seems to be the biggest friends-fan alive. I also love your “statistics” about the poster! 🙂

    • Thank you! I hope your wife enjoys the poster!

  3. Emilcar said:

    Hi and thanks for this wonderful idea. I have just ordered two copies from Society6, one for myself and one for a giveaway between the listeners of my spanish friends-rewatch podcast called “Colegas”. I will feature your work in our following chapter.

    • Hi! Thanks so much, this sounds great. We’d love to hear your podcast though I’m afraid our Spanish is not good enough to truly enjoy it:) Anyway, enjoy the poster!

  4. Cashondo said:


    I’m from Spain and shipping costs to my country are very expensive in both pages… ¿Is there any other way to get that awesome poster?


    • Hi,
      It’s nice to hear you like the poster. We wish we had better news but sadly these sites are the best option when it comes to printing&shipping. We looked into private shipping and it’s crazily expensive, sorry:(
      All the best,

    • A slight update: it turns out there’s promotion in Society6 store. If you use the link at the top of the post you will get free shipping but only today (and maybe tomorrow, I’m not sure). Enjoy!

      • cashondo said:

        Oh!!! What a great new!!! I’ve just ordered it with the free shipping! Thanks a lot for the info!!

  5. khaylerbwerkz said:

    Love it! I recently started binge watching Friends cos of friend’s recommendation! I tried something for Friends too, but i’m not sure if my sketch looks like Rachel Greene or not. It’s on my blog, if you have time check it out and i would love to hear your suggestions and advice!

  6. PA Pict said:

    I was never a particular fan of the show, though I still watched it regularly when it was first on, but I love what you’ve done by symbolising each episode title. Very clever.

    • Thank you! It didn’t always work with a title but we tried to find a good symbol for each episode.
      Also, our WP yearly summary tells us you’re one of our best commenters so thanks, we really appreciate that:)

      • PA Pict said:

        Really? Well you are welcome. 🙂

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