Clean Hands, Pure Design

re-purity-1Mary Douglas’s Purity and Danger examines the cultural notions of dirt and taboo. For this installment of Words Matter we chose a relatively straightforward approach, contrasting visually the two terms from the title and equating danger with dirt.

The rendering of the word “purity” might be one of the more literally sculptural endeavors of the whole project because it is sculpted in a bar of soap. We haven’t tried anything like that since the early years of primary school but we may say now that soap is a very graceful material, easily shaped – except when you let it dry and it begins cracking and breaking. At any rate, we like how imperfect the soap sculpture is. It looks like something Boo Radley could’ve made.

re-purity-4“Danger” is simply written in brownish red liquid that slowly disintegrates. We wanted it to bring about associations with physiology, bodily harm and danger.

re-purity-5Now, this project might not have involved all the excitement of our adventures with ants but each cover presented its own challenges and here it was definitely shooting the composition in a very, very small bathroom where we found an appropriately old-fashioned bathtub. It was some job to fit a large lamp and a tripod into that space where we could hardly both fit (we definitely couldn’t with all the equipment in). But we really wanted the bathroom setting to provide additional context. First, we considered white tiles but then we decided that the mere hint of white ceramics suited the concept of purity better while the drain adds a, perhaps slightly disturbing, grounding element.

re-purity-6re-purity-3 re-purity-2

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