Count(ing) Dracula

redesign-dracula_primer-01If you think we’re done with showing you gorgeous books… well, you are wrong. We still have bunches of them left, waiting for a day when we feel like spending a part of Sunday photographing them. Yesterday was just such a Sunday and so enjoy this lovely little gem, a counting primer based on Dracula by Jennifer Adams.

It’s a part of a whole series in which classic novels are turned into books for little children (and obsessive designers) with simple yet quirky, charming illustrations. We saw them online a while ago and ogled them hungrily so when we found two (yes, one more is coming) during a book fair, we simply had to get them.

redesign-dracula_primer-06redesign-dracula_primer-05It’s quite lovely how the book turns the rather somber, gothic atmosphere of the novel into something children-friendly but not entirely devoid of the original gloom. And this is, predictably, our favorite spread. Notice the cute use of typography. And the wolves, of course.


The heroes also look very cool:

redesign-dracula_primer-04redesign-dracula_primer-03We’re not showing you all the pages but rest assured that there are more gothic elements like garlic and even coffins. Overall, highly re:commended.

  1. Oh! I have to have these pretty books for my DD

  2. Children’s books that appeal to adults make so much sense as it is usually the adults who have to read them aloud for children. Although I don’t have children, but may still have to buy this book…

    • Children’s books section is always so much more interesting in a bookstore, it’s almost depressing.

      • I think the value of illustrations is vastly underrated in adult fiction.

      • Definitely. Adult books used to be illustrated: it’s too bad this tradition is gone, especially that it might add to the competitiveness of the printed book format.

  3. mari said:

    Hello. I am Mari . is Japanese. It is a wonderful picture book ! Followed. Please come to see also my blog *

  4. Although my kids are all probably too old for this book, I’m so coveting it right now I may have to track it down. Thanks for showing it.

    • You’re welcome! We’re too old for this book too but we still love it.:)

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