Hot Town, Summer in the Museum

redesign-summer_poster-03Another project we did recently for the Museum of Emigration in Gdynia is a program of cultural events taking place in August. Again, there were some specific requirements we needed to follow: as the Museum wanted to emphasize their brand identity, the image needed to include the building and the characteristic orange color. The program culminates in a swing dance party, which we also needed to reflect in the design.

We considered illustration but because of time limits we went with a photographic solution. For the main image we used modified photos of the museum and of a retro swinging couple and had some fun with coloring them. In fact, we’re quite happy with the colors of this design as there was more chance than usually to play with them.

Museum poster by re:design

Poster was the main part of the project and later elements were based on it. The folder – with many more, similarly treated photos – folds into a neat near-square which resembles the poster and unfolds into the full program with information about particular attractions.

redesign-summer_poster-01redesign-summer_poster-04 redesign-summer_poster-05 redesign-summer_poster-06 redesign-summer_poster-02And additionally we also created quite a few web banners and screens, like these two.



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