A Year Full of Energy


January is always a good time to share calendar projects. This year we had the pleasure of designing a calendar for Energa, one of the biggest local providers of electricity. The calendar promotes their experimental project focused on renewable energy sources and is aimed at people whose households participate in the project.

The calendar is relatively small, spiral-bound (which might be our favorite kind of binding, but this time it was chosen by the client) and includes facts about the project and about energy saving practices.



Since plastic was chosen for the cover, a part of the design is printed on the transparent plastic and the second part on the page underneath it so that together they form the whole image when the cover is closed. This bit of fun with the materials turned out even better than we expected.



Colorful pages indicate the beginning of seasonal tariffs when electricity is priced differently: summer, winter and spring/fall tariff. The calendar spreads, on the other hand, are printed with just two Pantone colors, orange and gray.




Each month also starts with a colorful page with the month’s number, while on the other side there is information about saving energy, e.g. about different kinds of electrical bulbs. We created a color palette, based on the colors of the project’s logo and broadened, so that each month’s separator page has a different color. (And if we were Irma Boom we’d love to have a different Pantone color for each month but that was a bit above the budget.)




    • Thank you. It’s always a more interesting challenge though.

  1. Hey! Can I get your behance profile url? I love to follow your designs. You are great!

    • Thank you so much! Truth be told though, we still haven’t gotten round to putting stuff on our behance: it’s literally empty. Once we do this we’ll post a link.

      • Oh great! I want to keep in touch with you guys; you are inspiring. Thanks.

      • Thank you:) For now the blog is definitely the best way to keep up with us. All the best!

  2. Great design. I love how bold the designs are and I really like the layering of the transparent cover and the first page.

    • Thanks! We worried a little that the cover might not be transparent enough but when the calendar is closed you need to look carefully to see that the print is on two different layers.

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