Out of Your Skulls


Every now and then, not too often, we share with you a boardgame from our probably-too-large collection. We pick them entirely for designery reasons, not for how much fun the game brings us (for instance our all time favorite game, Mousquetaires du Roy, has typography that burns your eyes out). This time it’s a game Skull that R got for his birthday last week from our friends.

It’s seemingly a simple bidding game whose only components are six sets of token (no board, so I guess it’s more of a token-game?), each set including three flower tokens and one skull token. The illustrations are quite lovely, unified but different across the sets so that each skull relates (vaguely or not) to a different culture. There is a lot of careful ornamentation, detail and a tasteful use of color.

The box.


Contents the box.


Viking (?) set, immediately picked by a Vikings fan in our group (hi, Z).



A Mexican set, possibly the prettiest in the game.


The backs with their ornaments. See what I mean about the color?


All the flowers in the game, as behooves the springtime that’s arrived.


I’m still not sure we played the game right the one time we managed to try it so far but it sure is one of the better designed among the ones we own.

      • Darruda said:

        For sure, it’s different and unique πŸ™‚ It’s an inspiration for my works.

  1. Oh wow. We are big board game players in our house and have a massive cupboard just full of games. My husband is actually a self-confessed board game addict. I love skulls and love design so I am instantly coveting these. I feel like the viking set ought to be Scottish because of the thistles (but perhaps, as a Scot, I am just biased) but the horns do suggest norsemen, I agree. I am going to have to look into this game.

    • Then this does look just like a game for your collection:) Admittedly, I am not instantly able to recognize the cultural background of most of these sets.
      So, what is the favorite game in your family?

      • We love Carcassone and a 1980s game called Escape from Atlantis and a Roman game called Tabula. Those get played the most by the whole family. Oh and Ticket to Ride too. My husband loves more elaborate games like Eldritch Horror and Memoir 44 but he largely has to play those without the rest of us.

      • We only tried Carcassone and Ticket to Ride of those and they were fun. We really like cooperative games though:)

      • You might like another game we enjoy then. It’s called Pandemic and is entirely co-operative.

      • Actually, we’ve tried it: our friends have the Legacy edition of this game, which is more in a storytelling mode and absolutely insane:)

  2. Anonymous said:

    good friend give good gifts, y’all

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