Brochure for Baltic Biotechnology


Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance unites European institutions which provide opportunities for people and companies developing biotechnological solutions for the Baltic Sea. We designed their latest brochure, another in a series of publications for Berlin-based Submariner Network.

The brochure introduces all the partners in the Alliance, giving information about their status, location, operations and the kind of help they provide. We designed the layout to accommodate this varied information, allowing to pick the most important parts of it at a glance. Stylistic choices were determined by previous Submariner publications but this time we added bigger texts and even more kinds of infographics. On the cover again we used a pattern of varnished waves that are only visible at certain angles.


The color scheme of sea blue, bright yellow green and vivid pink is one we suggested for the project while designing its first materials.

Title page with a wave ornament on the inside of the cover.


Typical partner spread with information about the institution.


Overview table.


List of contents.


Informative introduction.



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