Around the World in Illustrations


It is the time of holiday traveling but this year we only travel with our finger on the map. So it is at least good to have a set of nice maps to do this and the one we want to share today is a book by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy, who (almost) literally drew the whole world.


Maps is a large-format illustrated book for children (but also quite interesting for adults) and it’s full of, well, maps. Each chapter starts with a map of a continent and then shows maps of selected countries. For each country the map is covered with local animals, foods, clothes, customs and other surprises.


The beauty of this book is in its scope and detail. You can spend quite a lot of time looking for things you missed before. Mizielińscy also design typography for their illustrations (you can even buy those fonts) so the typographic part of the book is carefully designed. All in all, if maps are your thing, you should give this book a try, at least to acknowledge the impressive effort. (Fair warning though: it is a bit eurocentric. But it still has a lot of material on the rest of the world so don’t be discouraged.)

Our version that we’re showing is in Polish but there are other translations out there: here is Amazon’s link to the English version and here is an activity book based on Maps (we don’t have this one though; but if you do, let us know if it’s good).

Great Britain. Europe is given a loving treatment but, well, we understand.




Sweden and all the famous Swedes.


France and examples of French fauna.



Dutch painters.




South America.




Close-up on Egypt.




And the US.



With a bit of Mexico.


And off to the cold areas.


Which have huskies.


Flags of the world’s countries.


  1. super!!!! it has for sure inspire me to travel and take up some more art!!!

  2. When I was a kid, we had a similar book in elementary school, but these illustrations are definitely superb!

    • I guess their quaintness adds to the charm.

  3. Darruda said:

    Love the style, such inspiration for my works 🙂

  4. elissaworkmancreations said:

    I love these drawings! So much fun. I’m going to have to get this book for my kiddos.

    • I’m sure they’ll love it! Our son is a little too young to appreciate this book but our friends’ daughter learned to read with it.

  5. This is just fantastic! learning could be so much easier and enjoyable for everyone if more things were done this way.

    • Definitely. I think it’s particularly important that it may awake interest in children in something they didn’t even think of before.

  6. This looks like a charming book. I love how jam-packed with information and illustrations it is. My children already own several atlas books in addition to wall maps and a globe and yet I am sorely tempted to buy this one.

    • I can’t blame you! It’s not our only map book either but they are always such a visual treat.

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